The online search tool for the ChLA is back

The publisher of the Chartae Latinae Antiquiores had build an online tool to search the material, based on a few criteria such as dates, scribes, writing material or repository. It went offline as the publishing house closed, but thanks to the intervention of Giovanna Nicolaj and Cristina Mantegna, to the support of Benoit-Michel Tock and to the technical expertise of Guillaume Porte, it is now hosted on the digital edition platform of the ARCHE research groupe at the University of Strasbourg: ChLA

From the website:

The Chartae Latinae Antiquiores started in 1954, intended to edit texts, pictures and comments of all Latin charters prior to 800, and later until 900. The 118 volumes are an outstanding collection of facsimiles of those documents, a major source for the history of the Early Middle Ages, and especially for the study of palaeography and diplomatics.

For helping researchers to browse inside the more than 100 volumes and ca. 5000 charters, an interface was built by Lukas Gamper. It allows the possibility to find and sort charters by issuer, recipient, date, preservation…

Despite the end of the “ChLA adventure”, this interface is now available here!

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